Circean Justice Division

The Circean Justice Division is a squad of noble soldiers dedicated to serving justice within Circean ranks bloodthirsty monsters bent on destroying all before them individuals with a very particular set of skills. Operating under the names of the first five cities conquered in the Circean uprising, the CJD is always comprised of five particularly brutal warriors and focuses on hunting down and punishing any soldier who would defy the Circean cause (and anyone else who happens to be in the way).


Leader of the CJD, Tarn would seem to be an unassuming, highborn Tiefling were it not for his terrifying ability to talk people to death. Able to subtly modulate his voice to the frequency of a victim’s life force, Tarn can then stop his target’s heart with a whisper.


Helex is a hulking, black-scaled Dragonborn with a particularly powerful acid breath weapon. He is rather fond of crushing his victims to himself, then dissolving their flesh in acid vomit.


A lithe, fragile-looking Genasi, Kaon specializes in lightning magic. He also (barely) controls an unnatural hybrid Devourer-Hound he calls “The Pet”, and enjoys loosing it upon his targets.


Tesarus, large even for an Ogre, loves nothing more than stripping flesh from bone. Luckily for him, he’s the owner of two enormous, man-sized cleavers.


A quiet, elegantly dressed Elf, Vos rarely speaks from behind his ornate golden mask, and even then only in Old Elvish. He has managed to learn three words of the common tongue, however — “wear my face”. Vos’ mask is lined with countless needles, drills, and hooks, and he delights in forcing it onto his victims’ faces.

Circean Justice Division

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