Races of Palython

dragonborn.jpg The Dragonborn are the largest and most varied of the reptilian races. With their muscular build, heavy scales and ridged skulls, they are natural melee fighters. Under Functionalism, the Dragonborn were often relegated to military and labor castes. Their patron god is Teramus.

Notable Dragonborn:

  • Pratik, friend and advisor to Lonus of Tarn, and author of the Blood Pact
  • Targonus, the young Lonic commander who sacrificed himself to stop the Nightmare Engine

dwarf.jpg The Dwarves are stout and strong, and naturally inclined toward mining and building. As engineers and builders, they fared well under Functionalism. Their patron goddess is Solus.

Notable Dwarves:

elf.jpg The Elves, long-lived and solitary in nature, often find themselves on the periphery of modern civilization. Under Functionalism, they held positions in the highest castes; after the passing of the Tyrest Accord, popular resentment drove many Lonic Elves out of public life. Their patron god is Nemne.

Notable Elves:

  • Tempus and Talus, twin Shadow Guild agents
  • Tyrest, Chief Justice of Lonus and author of the Tyrest Accord

genasi.jpgDemi-elemental beings, the Genasi are unique among the races of Palython. At birth, they most closely resemble grey-skinned humans, but as they mature they take on aspects of a particular element. Under Functionalism, Genasi typically served as legislators and educators. Their patron goddess is Cusia.

Notable Genasi:

  • Senator Sherma, President of the first Senate

gnome.jpgOften compared to Human children, Gnomes are a small, perpetually inquisitive race. Natural academics and scientists, they could usually be found in the academic and exploration castes under Functionalism. Their patron god is Iomur.

Notable Gnomes:

  • Wroxi Littlebell, inventor of the gravity keel


Notable Goblins:


Notable Halflings:

  • Kurlo, the longest-serving mortal Shadow Guild agent

human.jpgAmbitious and adaptable, Humans have become the most influential race on Palython.

Notable Humans:

  • Amyra Lonison, founder of the Lonic Republic
  • Imoren, the infamous Shadow Guild barbarian
  • Lonus of Tarn, the warlord who unified the mammalian races
  • Magnus, Duly-Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord
  • Sparr, the last field commander of the Shadow Guild


Notable Kobolds:


Notable Lizardfolk:


Notable Ogres:


Notable Orcs:

tiefling.jpg Originally a nocturnal, nomadic Elf-like people, the Tieflings were struck with a curse under mysterious circumstances in LE327 at the same time the moon Timaeus vanished from Palython’s orbit. Popular legend held that a wizard named Grisa had made a deal with a greater devil in exchange for power, and Tieflings were ostracized from much of Palythonian society. The Infernal Panic, as it came to be known, drove most Tieflings off-world. Their patron god is Mortilus.

Notable Tieflings:

  • Demora Glox

Offworld Races

Fire Giants


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