Pre-Lonic Era

120BL – Lonus of Tarn is born.

63BL – Lonus unites the mammalian races under his banner.

22BL – Amyra Lonison is born.

Golden Age

LE0 – The Lonic Republic is founded.

LE84 – The first gravity keel is developed.

LE87 – A Lonic expedition explores the moons of Palython.

LE92 – The Blood Charter is signed, uniting all of Palython.

LE136 – First contact is made with another world.

LE327 – Palython’s moon Timaeus vanishes. The Tiefling Curse occurs.

LE961- Mugdul Chainbreaker is born.

LE987 – Mugdul publishes The Illusion of Progress.

Great War

LE989 – The Circean Empire is founded on Declaration Day.

LE1045 – The Underlord is recruited by Mugdul.

LE1057 – The Simanzi Massacre kills over 60% of Palython’s population.

LE1058 – The Tyrest Accord is signed.

LE1069 – Mugdul’s Phase Six trials are successful.

LE3925 – Aequitas is activated.

LE3934 – The Pova Incident occurs.

LE3935 – Aequitas is deactivated. Tyrest is exiled.

LE3941 – The Garus mission finds and destroys Aequitas.

LE3942 – The Sundering occurs.

Post-War Era

LE3942 – A restoration spell backfires, transforming most of Palython into a primordial jungle.


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